Industrial Automation Controls

IDC works with a wide range of industrial customers, including lawn and garden equipment manufacturers, tier 1 automotive suppliers, and automobile manufacturers to develop custom automation controls tailored to specific applications. IDC also works with a variety of municipal customers to provide specialized pump controls and monitoring systems.

IDC provides the ability to design and build complete control systems with a UL listed panel-build shop. IDC also builds custom panels from prints supplied by the customer and provides customized PLC and HMI programming as specified in machine sequences and control designs provided by the customer.

General Automation Controls

IDC has performed system integration for all types of industrial equipment:

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Pump Control Systems

Most pump control panels have been simplex or duplex sewage pump lift station controls but IDC has also designed and built systems to control up to five 100 hp pumps.

IDC has worked with many municipal and industrial customers to design and build dozens of custom pump control panels. These systems have included sewage lift stations, well pump stations and high pressure pump stations, Pump Panel example and water tower level controls. Most sewage lift stations have been built around a normal start and stop level pump down philosophy while some of the more specialized stations have required maintaining the level within a specified range, with variable frequency drives controlling multiple pumps at varying speeds to accomplish the level control as the influent flow varies.

Varying enclosure styles have been utilized, both for indoor and outdoor applications, depending on the customer's needs. Additionally, some stations have included requirements to interact with automatic transfer switches and standby generators, others have operated from generator trailers with manual transfer switches in the event of a power outage.

SCADA systems have also been developed for communicating over spread spectrum, frequency hopping radio systems (or via dedicated telephone lines) and on more than one occasion we have been asked to correct problems in existing systems of this nature. Where required, such panels have been UL Listed as we are also a UL508 panel build facility.

The complexity of these SCADA systems has ranged from single remote stations monitored at a central site up to systems involving 40 or more stations scattered in multiple townships, commnicating through radio links to a central site, with data collection and display capability. More recent examples of this type of system have generated Excel spreadsheet reports on a daily, monthly and annual basis, with both paper and electronic reports being generated.

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