About IDC

IDC Corporation has designed and fabricated control systems for industrial automation since 1970. Programmable logic controllers have been used for most applications since 1973, working primarily with Allen Bradley, Siemens and Modicon products. IDC Corporation has experience with all Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers, from the original PLC through ControlLogix, CompactLogix and MicroLogix processors. IDC has also worked with Texas Instruments, Reliance, Mitsubishi, Omron, Square D, GE and Honeywell/ISSC products through the years.

In the past ten years, IDC Corporation in partnership with Auto-Craft Tool and Die developed a line of Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) for various industrial applications. These applications include standard product line carts and custom-designed systems tailored to specific customer needs. The simplest applications include single manually released AGCs on separate lines with no interaction or central monitoring. More complex systems involve more than twenty AGCs, eight remote PLCs at operator work stations and three battery charge stations, all communicating via radio to the system control panel.

IDC provides the ability to design and build complete control systems with a UL listed panel-build shop. IDC also builds custom panels from prints supplied by the customer and provides customized PLC and HMI programming as specified in machine sequences and control designs provided by the customer. IDC supplies control systems for industrial automation applications including municipal sewage pumping systems.

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